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Women in Taiwan Are Tired of Being Nice

Harassment makes you feel small. It says, “You’re not one of us. You’re entertainment, ornamental, a thing.” It chips away at you and your potential. Without safe passage, ambition dies.

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Beyond high fashion

Photographer Profile for The World of Chinese

Beyond a glitzy career in fashion photography, Li Xiaoliang points his lens at gritty Chinese realities and faded Western illusions.


Chinese Medical Practitioner Sets Her Sights
on UFC Glory

Interview for

Some suggestions to help cope with the COVID Cranky’s during Shanghai's extended lockdown. 

A pandemic worker cycling on en empty street in Shanghai. Photo by Vickie Wang

Lockdown getting you down?

WeChat Post for Lifeline China

Some suggestions to help cope with the COVID Cranky’s during Shanghai's extended lockdown. 

Chen Man's photo in a cover image


Opinion Piece on Photographer Scandal and Beauty Standards

There isn’t one way to look Chinese, but there is one way to be considered beautiful in China.
Just ask the filters — or the plastic surgeons

Shanghai Disney Resort Official App for Tickets & Map

Shanghai Disney Resort app

English and Simplified Chinese UI & Campaign Copywriting

App offers e-commerce, navigation, and trip planning content for optimal guest experience. 

© Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Tower 6 angle.jpg

Shanghai Tower

Bilingual Monograph

The Shanghai Tower book was created by the in-house publishing team at Gensler, the architecture firm behind the second tallest building in the world. As part of the editorial team I was responsible for the English-to-Chinese translation, photo shoot coordination, and some research. 

© Gensler


Interpreters Live: Briefing with the Speaker

Chinese-to-English Translation

Cadence is a translation service provider that I work with. One of their seasoned interpreters, Rosabel Chung, has been blogging prolifically about her professional interpreting experience for years. I translated the post from Traditional Chinese into English to be syndicated on Cadence's blog. 


Brand Journalism / Content Marketing

Thought leadership blog post on workplace wellness.
Interview conducted in Mandarin Chinese, post written in English for company blog. 

Image © Gensler


English-into-Chinese Translation

Translated a blog post by Art Gensler into Simplified Chinese

Video by Blackstation, commissioned by Gensler


Behind the Wall

Photo Series by Graeme Kennedy

A fun afternoon shoot with photo journalist Graeme Kennedy


Design Update: Shanghai Tower

English-into-Chinese Translation

A bilingual digital magazine created by the Gensler Firmwide Communications team. I was responsible for sourcing the visual assets and translating the content into Chinese, working closely with our graphic designer.

© Gensler

So, this happened tonight.jpg

National Taichung Theater​

Interpreter, Master of Ceremony

Served as interpreter and master of ceremony for the grand opening of National Taichung Theater

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