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Day 1 of Self Quarantine

Delivery lunch receipt with "safety card' listing temperature of the people who have handled the food.

My company required that everyone returning to Shanghai must stay home for 14 days before returning to work. I've decided to keep a daily log of life in "quarantine." The posts started out on Facebook, and have been retroactively duplicated here.

My lunch was delivered to the neighborhood gate as opposed to my door (fair enough), with this extra “safety card” attached. Efficacy aside, it’s heartening to see how thoroughly Chinese people and businesses have responded to this outbreak.

I missed the worst of the emptiness in Shanghai. Since businesses are due to resume on Monday, February 10th, the city is slowing filling up. Most of us will still be working from home, and many of my expat friends have decided not to return, so I expect the quiet will continue for a while.

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