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Day 2 of Self "Quarantine"

I went out. Hence the quotation marks around the word “quarantine.” Folks have asked me how the quarantine is enforced. I’m allowed to go out, no one would actually stop me from grocery shopping (the supermarket shelves are full, by the way), as long as I sanitize properly and stay away from crowded places... And I suspect there are no crowded places in Shanghai at the moment.

Before I left my compound, I spotted two stray-ish cats. Stray-ish, because clearly they live on this compound and someone or many someone’s feed them. They are CHONK. It’s only neighborly to say hi. During this greeting I noticed an old lady upstairs watching me and the kitties, so I waved and smiled extra (making the smile squeeze up to my eyes because mask) and SHE WAVED BACK. It was all together delightful.

It was a chilly, sunny day in Shanghai and the streets were so quiet I could actually hear the birds chirping. I had my surgical mask on (as did everyone else on the streets), 75% alcohol in a spray bottle in my backpack, ready to sanitize my hands whenever I needed to.

I stopped in a favorite cafe after grocery shopping for a cup of coffee (spicy latte with oat milk), partly for their very sunny front step seating. The staff checked my temperature when I walked in. I ordered a coffee and sat outside. It felt rebellious to be out with my face uncovered, but I had a cup of coffee as my excuse.

I saw 4 separate motorcyclists zoom by. Must be a great time for them, the streets so unusually empty. I was reminded of Scandinavia, where you’d walk blocks without encountering another person.

My neighbor security guard checked my temperature when I got back. I proceeded to wash my hands, spray down/wipe down everything before and after unloading my groceries. I wondered to myself about how quickly I’d starve if food deliveries stopped because none of the items in my bag actually requires any cooking... I basically stocked up on snacks.

By dinner time, my favorite restaurant was delivering again after a 2-week hiatus. All in all a lovely chill Sunday with extra extra hand-washing.

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