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Day 3 of Self Quarantine

First day “back to work” for most of Shanghai, so I spent it working from home and counting my blessings. I know might I seem calm about this outbreak, but that’s largely because of the privileged position I am in. I don’t dismiss the severity of the situation, and I don’t take my peace of mind for granted.

Here are a fair few blessings:

- I don’t have anyone in my immediate family who is high risk. If my dad were still alive with his history of heart and kidney failure, my entire family would have been on high alert. I can easily imagine what a distressing time this is for many.

- I was only an easy 2-hour flight away in Taipei when things started getting serious, and while I had to postpone my return to Shanghai, I was able to book a flight back without having to get creative. And I could afford the change fees and extra travel cost. (Many of my friends have/had been trapped and couldn’t get back to Shanghai because of unanticipated, ever-changing travel restrictions. Some one them have to travel much further and the changes cost them a fortune.)

- I live and work in Shanghai, a first-tier city with impressive resources. If I seem to be very calm about this outbreak, it doesn’t in any way dismiss how distressing the situation is around China. And now that the city is back to work, they’re anticipating another wave of infections. Hence, working from home.

- I had an excellent cat sitter caring for my cats while I was away, with twice-a-day video updates. I could afford to pay for the extra week of cat-sitting.

- I have access to multiple sources of information in two languages, which helps put things in perspective.

- I am a reasonably healthy and able-bodied person. If I had caught regular seasonal flu or even a cold about now... Things would get tricky, to say the least.

- My work can be done remotely, and isn’t needed as much during this time. I have many friends and colleagues who have vital roles and had to work during this stressful time. Kudos to all who are making the world go round while hunkered down at home. I have other friends who own businesses and are losing money everyday they stay closed.

- My employer and managers have been excellent about communicating guidelines and expectations clearly. By the time I’m back in the office, every precaution would have been taken to ensure the space is safe and welcoming for everyone.

- My mother was able to procure enough masks and other supplies. Many of her friends actually gifted her their stock, knowing that her daughter was returning to China (my mom is very popular). I am grateful to everyone of them! ❤️

- I have two cats 🐱 at home which makes self quarantine far less lonely and never boring. My cat Tigger fell asleep on my stomach this afternoon and started doing that dream twitchy thing. It was adorable.

- I rewatched Infinity War and Endgame and for good measure started back on the Avengers while I built an IKEA drawer set on wheels that I’ve been procrastinating on.

- I plowed through 3 books in a week. And guess what? I’ve got more 📚😂

That’s all for today.

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