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Day 6 of Self Quarantine

Not a squirrel.

Saw a squirrel 🐿 My first in Shanghai. I kid you not. If I wasn’t on my scooter with 10 second left at the stop light I would have taken a photo. This is how empty the city is now, that I can spot a squirrel on a power line in the corner of my eye.

Shanghai is usually a city of sensory overload. I normally never leave my apartment with my noise-canceling headphones. But with the emptiness, I’ve started to noticed things. Did that building always have pretty balcony with lovely railings? When did this sculpture show up at this corner, or have I just overlooked it? I found myself looking in all directions while I drove my scooter, and not because I was expecting someone to get me into an accident in the least expected way.

I’m serious. The only time (knock on wood) I got into an “accident” in Shanghai was when a lady walking on the road (because why use the perfectly good sidewalk) threw her purse over her shoulder and hit me. The roads are kinda hilariously wild in Shanghai. Normally.

Why was I on a scooter during “quarantine”? Well, for the most first world and girly reason possible: I needed a manicure and was on the hunt for a nail salon that was open. For those who indulge in manicures 💅🏼 (it’s a very affordable luxury in Shanghai) you’d know that gel polish can’t be removed at home, unlike normal polish which comes off with some acetone.

No luck. No biggie. I’ll just have to clip my festive Chinese New Year manicure at home ✂️ Not really surprised that salons aren’t open, considering the work requires prolonged, close proximity exposure.

During my search I actually saw more shops being sealed up than when I first got back. Shanghai really is taking the back to work week very seriously. The streets were very quiet, the only scooters on the road were delivery guys (so so grateful for every single one of them).

On another note: got confirmation from a couple of colleagues over a conference call: Extended holiday at home leads to back pain 😂

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