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Day 13 of Self Quarantine

Every time I walk out of my apartment complex, there are more posters. Notices and registration forms and pamphlets. This time I walked out and found multicolor shared bikes built into some sort of... Parameter, with signs stating anyone returning from outside Shanghai must register and no entrance without a mask.

I had to take one of my cats (Nutella, the younger female) to the vet today as she’s been spending way too much time in the litter box. Thankfully the clinic was open, although only one doctor was on duty, with 3 assistants. By the time the vet was ready to see us, she had finished 3 surgeries, and it was only noon. Nutella’s fine, mild infection, will have to force feed her meds for a couple of weeks which will surely ruin our relationship for a bit. Such is cat lady life.

It almost felt like spring today. I had walked out of the door in my usual gear, parka, face mask, scarf, and was immediately toasty. All the neighborhood cats were out sunning, too. I’ve counted 6 of them so far, all chubby and mean looking, like a little gang. Maybe that’s why Nutella seemed extra terrified at the vet...

12 days in and this quarantine life now feels... Normal. Putting on a surgical mask before I step out is now second nature. Hand washing as well. Even the quiet city felt... Just how it is. On a good mood day, it’s easy to enjoy the quiet and the blue skies (factories around Shanghai are mostly still closed, so minimal air pollution), and working from home.

But I am very much looking forward to my first big rowdy group meal around a lazy Susan. Going to the gym. A concert. A movie. A comedy show. Ah well. This too shall pass.