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Day 14 of Self Quarantine

Spent most of the morning traumatizing one of my cats, trying to feed her her medication. Cats really cannot be forced into doing anything they don’t want. But they do cooperate occasionally if you ask reeeeeeeeally nicely... And surprise them when they’ve just been napping and too drowsy to react.

As I (might?) have mentioned before, since I’m not returning from a high risk area, I’m not legally required to self quarantine. I’m doing it based on my work requirements, and we’re continuing to work from home next week, too. So I take some cautious liberties. For examples, going to see the Bund today.

The Bund in Shanghai, with the magnificent row of historic buildings on the west of Huangpu river and skyscrapers on its east, is a place most locals try to avoid. There’s people mountain people sea, and then there’s the bund, which actually has an impressively wide promenade that is somehow still always packed with tourists. It’s like Time Square, except way more concentrated, and spanning 1.6 mile.

It’s amazing the architectural details you notice when you’re not navigating an obstacle course made up of human beings, each admiring the view and armed with selfie sticks waiting to stab your eye out.

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