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#COVIDCatLady, Day 1024

OK. It was election day in Taiwan. Peaceful transfer of power. University of Michigan versus Ohio State, UMich stomped Ohio 45-23. I was trying to watch the game while scrolling and downloading every bit of protest content I can find. Screenshotting articles before they’re 404-ed.

And it. just. kept. going.

When this wave of protests began on Sitong bridge in Beijing on October 13th, just a month and a half ago, I watched powerlessly, wondering how much change it could bring. Will the rest of the world ever fully understand the Chinese people’s struggles. But today, right now, vigils and protests are happening all over mainland China. And reported on all major international news. They’re not brainwashed. They were doing their best. And they had been pushed to their limits. Yet again I feel like I'm trying to inhabit 3 different realities simultaneously. One in the US, with its own set of challenges. One inside the Great Firewall of China. One One in a very democratic and chill Taiwan. And I wouldn't have it any other way. #GoBlue #GoLiberty #GoDemocracy #GoGoRo#DoYouHearThePeopleSing?

Translation of a message going viral in China: I leapt out of a building. I was in the bus that tumbled en route to quarantine camp. I walked miles to get away from FoxConn. I was denied treatment. I went months without an income. I died in the fire.

If it's not me, it's just not me, yet. #ZeroCovid


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