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Shanghai Lockdown, Day 7

As expected, the 4-day lockdown is not just for 4 days.

Staying home for 7 days is no travesty. But not being told to plan for a strict lockdown with no end in sight, and no delivery, is… Challenging. Many people hoarded food before lockdown started. I, having been through lockdown lite in 2020, expected deliveries to resume once lockdown is extended. [Edit: And I. Was. Wrong.] There’s a rumor going around the some parts of the city will reopen tomorrow, but there’s no knowing. Don’t worry, y’all. I’m about 27 protein bars and 6 cups of instant noodle away from actual starvation. I can’t speak for those who are more vulnerable, the elderly and visually impaired who can’t compete for groceries at 6am on delivery apps.

People have come up with creative, crowd-sourced solutions to this challenge. Neighborhood chat groups for bulk buying groceries have been set up. Pet food and baby formula sources have been exchanged. One friend’s building has set up a no-contact bartering system. A pack of printer paper for a 6-pack of Coke Cola. A AA battery for a pack of yeast (Who knew the pandemic would be what catapulted Shanghai into a post-capitalist society?) Groups that share contact info for drivers that can pick up pets, for those who may be positive and need to be quarantined. Home quarantine for the asymptomatic is still not a thing, and people with pets and kids have been particularly anxious of separation. As of yesterday, the city has officially said a parent or a guardian can go into quarantine with a child… Although who thought it would be OK to pry children away from their parents to be isolated, I cannot tel you. You can google what happened to an abandoned corgi in Shanghai yesterday, but I advise against it. One tragedy is not representative of the whole. I’m trying to remember that there are more people doing good, and just a few committing acts of unthinkable cruelty (or plain old stupidity). As Mr. Rogers said, always look for the helpers.


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