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#COVIDCatLady, Day 705

I don't know if I can get any more cat lady than this. (Turns out, I absolutely can.)

My boyfriend's building locked down yesterday for covid testing. Some cases have popped up in our neighborhood in downtown Shanghai, so several buildings have been roped off to minimize spread and track down those who may be infected.

Generally, this is a 48-hour lockdown, where medical professionals go door-to-door testing everyone. Nowadays a COVID tests takes 4-6 hours, the 48-hour waiting period is more to limit further movement until this rung of possible contacts have been screened.

Now, the funny part? We tried to go back into the building. We wanted be trapped at home for 48 hours and eat instant noodles and delivery food and binge watch Netflix and have the ultimate excuse to get out of meetings... We tried to *volunteer* limiting our activities for 2 days... Because our new cat Freyja is in the apartment, alone.

I DARE YOU to look at these photos and tell me you wouldn't try to break down a door or two to make sure this kitty is a-ok.

Anyway, once we realized that as "late-comers" to the building lockdown, we'd just be extending all 152 residents' at-home isolation for several extra hours, we gave up. Freyja can already open drawers so i'm betting/praying she's broken into the food stash.

Free against our will, we felt grateful for our unlimited mobility and for the community pandemic control efforts... And spent the night binge watching Netflix and eating delivery food.

#COVIDCatLady, Day 705


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