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Day 28 of Shanghai Lockdown

How am I doing? It varies from hour to hour.

At 11am, I got permission to leave my compound to walk the 3 blocks to my boyfriend’s apartment, so I could deliver some Snickers and instant coffee and wave to him from across the street. The streets were littered with styrofoam delivery boxes and bits and pieces of used PPE.

My boyfriend and I decided to do lockdown separately, with 4 cats and 1 dog between us when lockdown started (1 dog + 1 cat were COVID fosters). It’s just 4 days, we said.

And now, 4 weeks later, I got to see him and his cat for the first time, waving at me from the 10th floor window.

Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ide

4pm, I took in a rescue kitten. By 6pm I’ve consulted a vet over WeChat video call, with medicine and food for the new foster already on the way.

7pm, my kitchen flooded, a clogged drain combined with heavy rain flooding my pantry (which is unusually well-stocked for lockdown, luckily nothing was damaged) with… Someone else’s dinner.

7:30pm, across the city, many districts were having a wok-banging party to protest the food shortage and lack of government rations, which have been notoriously unequal throughout the city.

Wok-Banging Party Posters

No plumber’s coming tonight, but the black kitten is settling in after her oral meds and eye drops.

Her name is The Abyss, or Aby for short.


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